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Full Respray

Dented, scratched, dinged or paint damaged cars often need spray painting and a car full spray. When there’s serious damage to your paintwork it’s often necessary to have panels on your vehicle partially or completely resprayed. Car full spray is also often required to combat vehicles natural deterioration from age, where years of weathering, trees and birds have left the paintwork on your car looking faded or patchy. If you are looking to restore that classic car tucked away in a garage somewhere, a car full spray is perfect for that too.

To properly complete car full spray the following must happen. First the repairer must dismantle and remove the part or panel, then sand it, add primer so the paint sticks, respray up to the several coatings, apply clear coat to seal, re-assemble and put the part or panel back on the car, and finally finish off with some polishing.

The colour and type of paint on your car makes a big difference to the car full spray process. With some colours and standard paints a panel beater can simply paint the localised area of the car where the scratched or paint damage has occurred, this utilises small to medium area repair technologies. If your car colour is metallic or a three layer pearl then more coats of paint are required and more extensive paint blending on the surrounding panels is required.