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Minor Dent Repair

TC AUTOS offers a comprehensive range of Car Scratch Repairs options. Scratches to car paint are very commonplace during a vehicle’s lifetime. Many scratches that would require Car Scratch Repairs are accidental and are most commonly caused by keys, kids, car parks, garages and collisions with other vehicles. Car Scratch Repairs requirements are dictated by the length and the depth of the scratch. Some surface level car paint scratches can just be e panel beater including painting and application of clear coats. The colour and type of paint on your car also makes a big difference to the smash repair process and particularly the cost. With most standard colours and paints, a panel beater can easily source the required paint and simply paint the localised area of the car where the damage has occurred. If your car colour is metallic or for example a three-layer pearl, then more coats of paint are required and more extensive paint repair is required, including paint blending on surrounding panels to match the paint repaired area. This can mean a simple small scratch can require a large amount of paintwork and repairs to return the car back to its original factory condition.

Our experts are here to help you save money and time figuring out what’s the best repair option for you. We assess what type of painting is required to repair your scratch damage. Where possible our repairers will use small to medium area repair technologies to do a localised repair so you can avoid a total panel paint spray reducing the overall cost.

Dent Removal is one of our most commonly required types of car repairs. Our repairers offer a wide range of Dent Removal methods to make sure you’re getting the best service without sacrificing on quality. Some Dent Removal can be administered by the method of paintless dent removal, saving you time and money. However there are many cases with dents where the metal has creased to the point of nearly cracking (or actually cracking) and therefore paintless dent removal cannot be used as painting is also required. Unfortunately, these Dent Removal methods require significantly more labour, products like body fillers, and sometimes even new parts. After this (more extensive) type of Dent Removal is applied, then the repaired car panel needs to be repainted as the final step to restoring the car to its original factory condition.