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Accident Damage & Repairs

You have just been in an accident.  What is next?

Once your vehicle is driven or towed to TC AUTOS, we immediately start the accident repair process so that your car will return to its original appearance and function.  Your vehicle will go through different repair processes that is used to restore the vehicle.

Our highly experienced and skilled professionals will determine the best accident repair process to ensure your vehicle is as strong and safe as when you drove it off the dealership.   

After the damage report is written, all the repair parts will be identified, down to the clips, mouldings, and fasteners.  We will also find any hidden damages so that the entire repair process continues without interruption.

Once your car enters the workflow stream, our professionals will start with the tear down process.  The removal of bolts on sheet metal, all adjacent panels, interiors, and moulding. After all damaged parts have been repaired and/or replaced, the refinished process will begin.

Our refinishing department will mask, scuff, sand and apply primer and topcoats so that your car looks as good as it will drive. Bring your vehicle into our shop and we’ll show you what we can do to make your car look brand new.